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At UltraSolutions, we have any type of ultrasound equipment you may need, even if you are searching for a veterinary ultrasound machine. We know that while ultrasound technology is a vital element of human medicine, it also plays an invaluable role in animal medicine.

Veterinary ultrasound equipment is a fairly new form of technology, and one that has become irreplaceable in the veterinary world. Whether you are a family vet committed to the care of dogs, cats, and other small animals, or you provide life-saving surgeries to farm animals such as horses, we know there is a high demand for your services. MORE... has the widest variety of new and used veterinary ultrasound equipment on the market. View the full list of all the devices we have available below.

Some models of veterinary ultrasound systems are adapted especially for the type of animal on which they will be used. This ensures complete safety and a pain-free procedure for any type of animal. The minimally invasive procedure will provide piece of mind for your clients and their pets. Because there is such a wide range of animal types, we also have a wide range of machines to meet your needs. Our diagnostic units can provide life-saving information about any area of an animal just as it does in humans, including kidneys, lungs, and vascular system, to name just a few.

UltraSolutions can help guide you through the process of choosing the best machine for your practice. Our knowledgeable sales managers can guarantee you will find a safe, efficient new or refurbished veterinary ultrasound machine to meet all of your needs. We know that animal medicine is an important part of the medical field and want to make sure your practice benefits from our quality products. Give us a call today to find out more!


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