Toshiba Aplio 300 Ultrasound Machine

Toshiba Aplio 300 Ultrasound Machine

The Apolio 300 offers consistently advanced, dependable performance in a cost-effective and versatile package. A full range of comprehensive onboard facilities allows clinicians to review, manage and report studies conveniently on a system or network environment.

Ergonomically designed, this unit fits perfectly into a work practice, delivering premium imaging with an upgradable, software-driven platform that can easily be configured to meet patient workload demands and constantly evolving clinical requirements. The Apolio 300 is packed with an extensive range of powerful clinical tools allowing advanced visualization, quantification and intervention for research purposes.

The Apolio 300 has a lighter and smaller footprint but doesn’t compromise operation at the slightest. Toshiba’s full iStyle + Productivity Suite provides users various workflow enhancements and automation features allowing clinicians to focus on improving consistency as well as overall efficiency of exams.

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