SonoScape A6 Ultrasound Machine

SonoScape A6 Ultrasound Machine

The SonoScape A6 is a unique, fully digital, hand-carried ultrasound (HCU) that incorporates a host of sophisticated front-end technologies, making it a prime choice in terms of diagnostic precision and simple functionality.

Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the SonoScape A6 is more than just a black-and-white portable ultrasound as it delivers optimum performance and superior image quality when used for diverse clinical applications. This exceptional diagnostic imaging system is ideal for clinical areas including prenatal, obstetrics, gynecology, tocology, cardiology, endocrinology (thyroid gland and pancreatic gland), internal medicine (liver, kidney, gall bladder, atrabiliary capsules, bile passages), vascular, and emerging applications such as intensive care, anesthetics, musculoskeletal, and emergency medicine.

Clinicians could find a highly efficient and cost-effective solution in this quality, high-resolution HCU perfect for their practice in the SonoScape A6.

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