Siemens SONOLINE G50 Ultrasound Machine

Siemens SONOLINE G50 Ultrasound Machine

Siemens SONOLINE G50 ultrasound system is an all-inclusive ultrasonic imaging platform that offers cost-efficient, modern, portable, digitized, and customizable solution to virtually every critical demand of clinicians and healthcare facilities. The G50 system gains a competitive edge through its built-in Tissue Harmonic Imaging for enhanced image resolution and AutoColor for single-step optimization of color Doppler imaging.

The SONOLINE G50 ultrasound model is specifically designed as a lightweight and sleek imaging technology that functions with high efficiency in limited clinical spaces and demanding environments. It also offers the best in ergonomics, image quality, and workflow solutions for increased user comfort, less operator stress, and wide-ranging specialties.

At Ultra Solutions, we offer smart options for purchasing a brand new Siemens ultrasound model or a quality refurbished system to save up to 70% off OEM new price. Our experienced in-house sonographers and ultrasound engineers are equipped with knowledge in revamping ultrasound technologies that follows exact OEM specifications and features.

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