Siemens CV70 Ultrasound Machine

Siemens CV70 Ultrasound Machine

Siemens ACUSON CV70 is a cardiovascular ultrasound specialist system that is uniquely designed for comprehensive cardiologic and vascular imaging capabilities – the flagship ultrasound system from the ACUSON family of cardiovascular diagnostic imaging technologies. This all-digital ultrasound equipment is integrally geared to provide outstanding image quality, color flow sensitivity, high-resolution spatial visualization, and Doppler sensitivity in one premium, ergonomic package.

As a dedicated cardiovascular imaging solution, the CV70 ultrasound guarantees versatility in delivering diverse cardiac and peripheral applications using various highly sensitive transducers in a broad range of clinical environments. The specialized CV70 ultrasound equipment also offer a dynamic option to upgrade to the 4.0 release version to further secure your system and streamline the clinical workflow through its added perks, including easier study interpretation, speedier data reporting, enhanced image documentation, flexible data archival, and cost-effective detail retrieval.

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