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Ultra Solutions has the largest inventory of ultrasound probes in the world. We have more than 3000 probes in stock and ready to ship. Our inventory includes probes from every major brand (GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung-Medison, Sonosite, etc.). All of our ultrasound transducers can be purchased outright or on exchange. We also offer FREE loaner probes when you send your probe in for repair.

All of our probes go through an extensive testing and reconditioning process before being shipped out. Each ultrasound probe goes through the following steps upon arrival:


  1. Probe goes through a physical inspection under a microscope. We methodically check the lens, cable, housing, strain relief, motor, articulation, etc. If there is any even slight imperfection, the probe will go in to repair.
  2. Probe is tested on a dedicated test bed. We have more than 50 systems in stock that are solely used for testing probes. Each probe is tested by trained sonographers for noise, penetration, resolution, and general image quality. Even the slightest imperfection will be noted and sent to repair.
  3. Probe is tested on proprietary element / crystal testing device. We are able to individually test every single wire in the ultrasound probe to check for weak or dead elements. Isolating and repairing these elements will greatly expand the life of the probe.
  4. If a probe does not pass any of the tests outlined above, it goes into repair. Once repaired, it goes through the exact same testing process again.
  5. All images of the probes (including cosmetic pictures, air scans, and phantom images) are saved in our inventory system and can be e-mailed upon request.

Our probe department tests more than 500 used ultrasound probes a month. In our experience, nearly 40% of ultrasound probes in clinical use today would not pass our testing criteria. To out it simply, we will not sell 40% of probes that come in to our possession. We will only sell probes that are in like-new condition and that have been fully tested and reconditioned.


Image Model Price
Acuson 9EVF4 Ultrasound Probe Acuson 9EVF4 Ultrasound Probe SKU: 10041223
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Acuson 9L4 Ultrasound Probe Acuson 9L4 Ultrasound Probe Login to view
Acuson Aux CW for Cypress Ultrasound Probe Acuson Aux CW for Cypress Ultrasound Probe SKU: 8267215
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Acuson C3 with Pins Ultrasound Probe Acuson C3 with Pins Ultrasound Probe SKU: 47436
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Acuson C366 with Pins Ultrasound Probe Acuson C366 with Pins Ultrasound Probe Login to view

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