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With more than 3,000 probes in stock and ready to ship, Ultra Solutions® is sure to have the exact ultrasound probe for your needs. Our inventory includes probes from every major brand (GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung-Medison, Sonosite), which can be purchased outright or on exchange.

The Ultra Solutions® probe department regularly inspects over 500 used ultrasound probes each month. In our 15 years of experience, we have found that nearly 40% of probes in clinical use do not pass our testing criteria. Through our rigorous testing and reconditioning process, you can count on a product that is so functional and effective, you’ll think it’s brand new!

Probe Repair

Ultrasound probe repair is a great way to return your probe to like-new condition while saving you thousands of dollars.

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The Ultra Solutions® Method

  1. Physical Inspection

    Our trained sonographers examine the lens, cable, housing, strain relief, motor, and articulation of the probe under a microscope.
  2. Testbed Analysis

    Using one of our 50 dedicated testbeds, we check the functionality of the probe, inspecting noise, penetration, resolution, and general image quality.
  3. Circuitry Evaluation

    Our team evaluates the probe with a proprietary element/crystal testing device that allows us to test for dead or weak elements in every single wire. By isolating and repairing these crucial elements, we can extend the life of standard probes.

If our expert team detects even the slightest imperfection at any time during this process, the probe is immediately sent back for repairs. Once that probe is repaired, it goes through the same inspection process again until it passes all of our standards.

All images of the probes (including cosmetic pictures, air scans, and phantom images) are saved in our inventory system and can be emailed upon request.

Probes Finder

Use the Probe Finder tool below to search for products by manufacturer and model. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information!

AI 3.5 MHz 20 CA Silverline

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AI 3.5 MHz 35 CLA DF

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AI 30 CLA 10.0 MHz SP

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AI 38 LA 7.5 MHz

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AI 4.0-2.0 MHz DFA

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AI 40 CLA 7.5 MHz SP

Part Number: 


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