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To a child, any type of hospital visit can be an intimidating experience. But you can help put your pediatric patients at ease when you purchase one of our pediatric ultrasound machines for your practice.

Our units are the very best in the industry; they have been tested and retested to ensure top safety and efficiency. MORE...

Pediatric medicine is an extremely wide-reaching field, and pediatric ultrasound equipment has become an important component of this in recent years. These machines can scan any area of the body and are frequently used when a child breaks a bone, needs a scan of the arteries or kidneys, or is having some type of irregularities in the heart. Children are also especially susceptible to appendicitis, making it one of the most frequently noted diseases in children’s hospitals. Our new and used ultrasound equipment is all specially equipped to scan for appendicitis, making it possible for a physician to determine in seconds the best course of action in these cases. In addition, these machines can be used for everything from kidney scans to monitoring blood flow in the veins to detecting problems in the pancreas and spleen. When this type of imaging is conducted, the patient can relax, as an ultrasound machine involves no needles. Children are generally reassured by the promise of a gentle, pain-free procedure that is guaranteed to be fairly quick.

If you are looking for a refurbished pediatric ultrasound machine as opposed to a new unit, we have plenty in stock. We can save you money without sacrificing quality; all of our pediatric ultrasound systems are thoroughly inspected to ensure top-of-the line reliability and efficiency. If you are unsure of which model will best suit your needs, give our experienced sales managers a call. We have units from the top names in the industry, including Philips, GE, Toshiba, Siemens, and many more. At, you are guaranteed to find the perfect machine for your practice!


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