HP Imagepoint Ultrasound Machine

HP Imagepoint Ultrasound Machine

The HP ImagePoint model is one of the market’s finest multidisciplinary ultrasonic imaging systems available today. Clinicians and medical institutions worldwide trust this ultrasound machine for a vast array of applications, ranging from cardiac to vascular, and musculoskeletal to obstetrics.

When it comes to cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technology, the HP ImagePoint is in integrally featured with harmonic imaging and color Doppler technology that enhance the quality, color, resolution, and frequency of the images.

Physicians and diagnostic specialists won’t be tied down to multiple machines, thanks to the HP ImagePoint’s phased, linear, and curved array capabilities, Cine (CLR), Zoom (ROI), and ECG/M-Mode. It also offers various methods for users to easily access and accurately record patient data through its color and monochrome printers, VHS recorder, and digital storage, among other available options.

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