GE Vivid Q Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid Q Ultrasound Machine

The powerful GE Vivid Q ultrasound machine is the ultimate lightweight, compact high-performance cardiovascular system for clinicians needing a machine that combines user efficiency and reliable performance. This unique system performs consistently thanks to its TruScan architecture and can support up to 17 probes. The GE Vivid Q is recognized for its premium image quality, advanced image management, and high-performance quantification tools.

This advanced GE ultrasound delivers improved patient care and enhanced user productivity with the new M4s-Matrix array technology transducer, which provides greatly enhanced image quality in electronic beamforming, raw data image acquisition and archiving, optimal onboard and post processing technology.

This ultrasound system provides high clinical values for quantification and review of stored images, making it one of today’s most sought-after models. Some of its powerful features include compatibility with EchoPac clinical workstation and DICOM networking, speckle tracking strain, integrated stress echo, quantification tools, and reporting capabilities. Also of note is one of the Vivid Q’s best new features, which is its TEE transducer capability.

A one-touch button optimization provides premium image quality for workflow efficiency, and maintains AFI- automatic function imaging with complete wall motion scoring package. This unit is also equipped with Intra Cardiac Echo (ICE) imaging technology that delivers excellent image quality for in-depth heart monitoring also utilizes raw data format with many applications for shared abdominal, OB, and fertility imaging, plus tissue synchronization and tissue velocity imaging for myocardial Doppler quantification.

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