GE Vivid i Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid i Ultrasound Machine

The search for a high-quality ultrasound-imaging device that delivers speed and reliability is now over. Quick image acquisition, easy reviewing and full reporting capabilities are all packed into this space-saving and lightweight model for optimal cardiovascular performance.

Some of the GE Vivid i’s impressive capabilities and features include its notable Image Quality with ATO automatic spectrum optimization, high-performance transducers that employ high-frequency linear to multi-plane Transesophageal imaging and real-time diagnostic reporting, which gives the technician perfect clarity in the moment. In addition, its ease of use and portability give it a clear edge over its competitors in the marketplace.

This GE ultrasound system’s point-of-care performance allows it to be expediently clinically ready for a broad range of application. The GE Vivid I is definitely one of this industry’s most efficient portable ultrasound machines.

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