GE Vivid Five Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid Five Ultrasound Machine

Tissue Tracking Imaging and Contrast Imaging with Real-Time Myocardial Contrast enables GE Healthcare’s Vivid FiVe to produce exceptional 4D image quality.

Tissue Tracking Imaging assists in detecting coronary heart disease through visualization of the regional wall motion, while contrast imaging captures dynamic data from moving heart tissue for extraordinarily vivid and high-quality color image. Other noteworthy features of the Vivid FiVe include DICOM compatibility, which allows users to connect via MOD or another network and the customized report generation, which can be produced at the scanner or at a separate workstation.

The images stored on the GE Vivid FiVe’s EchoPAC can be analyzed speedily for measurements like contrast wash-in, with up to eight user-selected points in the image. Physicians can be provided with a 4D-rendered representation of the entire cardiac function thanks to the Vivid FiVe’s raw data reconstruction capability.

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