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Color Doppler Ultrasound - Ultra Solutions has the largest stock of used color doppler ultrasounds and we ship world-wide!

In today’s rapidly expanding and advancing medical field, color doppler ultrasound scans have become one of the most widely used technologies available today. Used often for scanning the prostate for tumors and irregularities, color doppler ultrasound technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced. Another main use for color doppler imagining is to examine the uterine artery, which can discover an abnormal or high-risk pregnancy. In addition, this method of examining a person’s blood flow can be extremely useful when trying to identify blood clots in the body.

As you begin your search for the most reliable and cost-efficient color doppler ultrasound machine, you want the highest quality equipment you can find. Look no further than for new color doppler ultrasound equipment as well as a used color doppler ultrasound machine. We have a wide selection available from the biggest names in ultrasound technology, including ...

When a patient learns they must have tests done by using color doppler ultrasound technology, they may be intimidated by the idea. But when you select a machine from our top-of-the-line color doppler ultrasound equipment line-up, you and your patient can rest assured that they are receiving the best and most accurate scan imaginable.

A color doppler ultrasound quickly and accurately measures blood flow to the prostate and provides the physician with a full-color view so that tumors or any other irregularities on the prostate may be identified. It also provides a full-color image of the uterine artery so anxious mothers may rest easier knowing their pregnancy is considered normal. A color doppler ultrasound machine is an essential piece of equipment in any hospital. Contact one of our experience sales managers at today to find out how we can meet your color doppler ultrasound needs.

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