Ultra Solutions Unveils New Website

November 9, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION – ONTARIO, California – February 9, 2015

Ultra Solutions, a global leader in providing premium quality pre-owned and refurbished ultrasound equipment and accessories to diverse clinical markets, proudly announces the launch of its newly redesigned website, www.ultrasolutions.com.

Ultra Solutions Unveils New Website

Neatand Organized Display

The revamped site now features a fresher appearance and cleaner design geared towards highlighting Ultra Solutions’ vast warehouse inventory of leading-edge ultrasound machines, expert system refurbishment, and quality probe repairs. Each page also offers ample information on every equipment model, manufacturer, clinical application, ultrasound probe, and additional service in a well-organized format.

User-Friendly Navigation

The redesigned website now boasts of a user-friendly interface intuitively designed with ease of navigation and enhanced browsing experience in mind, making it convenient and accessible for interested parties to check out Ultra Solutions’ offerings and choose from its extensive product inventory.

New Product Selector Tool

Interested customers can now turn to the newly added Product Selector box right at the homepage to narrow down their searches. Users can now indicate specific product details such as clinical application, machine size, and approximate budget to get a list of top choices with complete product information matching the search criteria in just one click. This helpful feature aims to provide a streamlined and seamless purchasing experience.

With decades of combined industry experience, Ultra Solutions has been committed to providing the world’s largest inventory of refurbished ultrasound equipment that consists of over 350 fully refurbished ultrasound systems, over 3,000 ultrasound transducers, and over 1,000 replacement parts from all the leading manufacturers. The company takes pride in their own refurbishing process backed by years of technical expertise to remanufacture equipment back to its OEM specifications. To view Ultra Solutions’ newest redesigned site, visit www.ultrasolutions.com today.


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