Ultra Solutions redesigns probe repair web site ProbeRepair.com

August 12, 2016
Why use ProbeRepair.com's easy 1-2-3 step process to arrange a free evaluation and repair of your ultrasound device? Because you don't have time to wait for callbacks or email replies.

Ultra Solutions is known as the world's leader in refurbished ultrasound systems, but just as impressive it stocks and repairs thousands of ultrasound probe and transducers. All work is completed in-house and your device will be placed through very extensive inspection. Once completed, you'll receive a detailed evaluation report detailing any issue found and the cost to repair the device. This is all done at no charge to you or your organization.

In the case where your device is beyond repair, Ultra Solutions and ProbeRepair.com have a vast inventory of probes ready to ship in a day’s notice.

The new ProbeRepair.com has a dual purpose; quickly and easily have your probe repaired and/or purchase a replace. Arranging to have your probe repaired can be completed in minutes and view our inventory of probes to add to or replace your current device(s).

If there are any doubts to the quality of the service, you will receive you can also view before and after pictures of probes that we have repaired. Visit http://proberepair.com/before-after/ to see images.

To open your free ProbeRepair.com account today, visit www.proberepair.com


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