Ultra Solutions' Hairy Friends

November 12, 2015

This past summer Ultra Solutions donated an ultrasound probe to the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) Center in the remote area of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

GRACE Exec. Director, Sonya Kahlenberg shared this "It has already been put to good use by our veterinary staff, which cares for 13 highly endangered Grauer's gorillas that were orphaned when their families were killed by poachers. As you know, our program works to rehabilitate these individuals with the ultimate goal of returning them to the wild."

Bryan Carlin, VP of Purchasing for Ultra Solutions oversaw the donation stated "The GRACE gorillas staff are quality people. Caring for these animals that otherwise would surely perish without their unselfish attention. Hearing how they dedicate their time and sacrifices made by folks that travel there and the locals compelled Ultra Solutions to go beyond giving GRACE the discount they requested and donate the desired probe."

If you would like to learn more or donate much needed funds to GRACE gorillas please visit their web site.

You can help GRACEgorillas here!

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