24x7 Magazine Features Ultra Solutions as Today’s Ultrasound Equipment Leader

August 7, 2014

24x7, a premier online source for news and technical information in the medical device industry, featured an insider interview with Ultra Solutions’ current CEO Sterling Peloso for the magazine’s May 2013 issue. During the interview, Peloso shared global business insights, what it had in store for its vast customer base in the coming months, and how Ultra Solutions became today’s ultrasound equipment leader.

24x7 Magazine Features Ultra Solutions as Today’s Ultrasound Equipment Leader

The feature expounded on the company’s humble beginnings back in 2001 led by Ultra Solutions founder and seasoned field service engineer, Tommy Ly. When Ly experienced purchasing a malfunctioning ultrasound system worth $40,000 from a dealer for his first customer, little did he know that the ill encounter would mark the inception of the world’s largest inventory of ultrasound equipment over a decade later.

The same experience had driven Ly to make Ultra Solutions’ simple philosophy as “Always do what is right for the customer, even if that means taking a financial hit to do so,” then and now.

When the business flourished significantly in 2008, Ly opted to sell Ultra Solutions to E&A Industries, an Indiana-based private management company. E&A sourced the capital to keep the business afloat, but kept Ly on as its Vice President for Sales and Purchasing.

Following the startup years, the business also resourced ultrasound probes from various healthcare facilities worldwide. 300 to 400 probes for repair were being purchased monthly and would then undergo high quality testing standards. With a consistent rate of 1 out of 3 probes purchased fails the test, Ultra Solutions President David Trogden decided to venture into repairing their accumulating number of rejected probes in the inventory despite having minimal probe repair experience but having a crew of ultrasound engineers as their strong suit.

Later on, healthcare providers began commissioning Ultra Solutions for probe repair services that then led to customer list expansion, 50 dedicated systems for probe testing, a high quality repair/refurbishment process, expertly trained team of sonographers, over 3,000 probes in stock, and increasing years of repair experience.

What Ultra Solutions once lacked in the aspect of marketing, they compensated with investing on their technical expertise and improving their vast inventory of leading-edge ultrasound and probes.

Ultra Solutions may have ‘not [been] the world’s best known ultrasound company’ but having the world’s largest ultrasound inventory and burgeoning probe repair business offers a leverage when it comes to wholesaling and retailing to its end users globally.

Julie Gutterman, a longtime customer and medical equipment consultant with Pulse Worldwide’s stated, “Ultra Solutions offers invaluable advice, the highest quality products, and all at a value that exceeds the competition.”

Today, Ultra Solutions offers premium refurbished ultrasound equipment and accessories that go beyond vast quantity but superior quality. Headquartered in Ontario, California, the company boasts of 50 employees in its 25,000 square foot facility with over 300 refurbished systems, 2,800 probes, and 5,000 replacement parts.

Visit www.ultrasolutions.com to learn more about Ultra Solutions’ premium ultrasound products and expert services.


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