Biosound Esaote Caris Plus Ultrasound Machine

Biosound Esaote Caris Plus Ultrasound Machine

The Biosound Esaote Caris Plus melds the power of a conventional workstation ultrasound system with modern portable design to deliver high-performance medical imaging diagnostics in one affordable, compact, color flow mapping (CFM) and power flow mapping (PFM) system easily accessible from anywhere.

Like any other ultrasound model in the Caris line, this Biosound Esaote Caris system is integrally engineered with modern microelectronics and wide-band multi-frequency technologies for better image quality, higher diagnostic confidence, and dynamic imaging options. These include sensitive color and spectral capabilities, tissue enhancement imaging (TEI) for harmonic frequencies, 2D imaging, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, color Doppler, stress echo, and transducer frequencies up to 10 MHz.

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