Aloka ProSound SSD-5500 Ultrasound Machine

Aloka ProSound SSD-5500 Ultrasound Machine

ALOKA ProSound SSD-5000 is engineered for diagnostic accuracy and comprehensive ultrasound imaging leveraged by its versatile range of radical features. Designed to raise the bar for premium image quality and flexibility, these features include high-performance Sensitive Color and Power Doppler Imaging, Pure Harmonic Detection platforms, 12-bit digital signal converter, PixelFocus, Digital Pure Beam Imaging, Quad Frequency Imaging, Dual Dynamic Display (DDD), Data Management Subsystem (DMS), Image Processing Select functionality, and Hemispheric Sound Technology probes compatibility.

Through ProSound SSD-5000’s Digital Pure Beam Imaging technology featuring a Digital Beam Former and a high-performance 12-bit A/D converter, the dynamic range of ultrasonic images are greatly enhanced in both the near and far field. Physicians can also select from up to 4 transmission frequency selections according to the patient’s frame and the region of interest in a single panel switch through Quad Frequency Imaging with ease. The ProSound SSD-3500 also features Dual Dynamic Display (DDD) that makes real-time split screen displaying grayscale image and color Doppler effortless.

With all these advanced features, the ProSound SSD-5000 ultrasound proves its exceptional capability to deliver combined high spatial and contrast resolution with multi-frame rates for an unprecedented view of internal, miniscule structures.

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