Aloka ProSound SSD-3500 Ultrasound Machine

Aloka ProSound SSD-3500 Ultrasound Machine

ALOKA ProSound SSD-3500 ultrasound model is distinguished as a middle-range system engineered with digital front-end technologies for more sophisticated systems of its series. Developed for high-precision radiology and musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging, the ProSound SSD-3500 is highly preferred by specialists for its exceptional ease of use, super high-resolution digital imaging mechanism, and versatile compatibility to an extensive line of specialty transducers for enhanced diagnostics.

The ProSound SSD-3500 was designed with ergonomics, mobility, and user-friendliness to benefit both physicians and patients in mind. Its sophisticated yet simple interface design enables user to easily customize the frequencies and settings to suit specific application.

In addition to real-time 3D/4D imaging capability, Hitachi Aloka’s ProSOund SSD-3500 also offers technologically advanced features including Quint Frequency Imaging (up to 5 transmission frequency selections), Tissue Harmonic Echo, Multi-Beam Processing, Dual Dynamic Display, angular M-mode, and 12 bit A/D converter, among others.

Medical imaging data management and storage have been streamlined as well with this ultrasound’s capacity to save all images safely to the built-in HDD as digital data and can be viewed in the image browser. Its DICOM 3.0 compatibility also allows for easy patient data transfer to the network using work list management function with Integrated Data Management Subsystem.

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