Aloka ProSound Alpha 7 Ultrasound Machine

Aloka ProSound Alpha 7 Ultrasound Machine

ALOKA ProSound Alpha 7 ultrasound is the most compact and sleekest model in its series as it boasts of optimum performance and fully digital front-end technologies adapted from Hitachi Aloka’s flagship brand, Alpha 10.

Compared to its contemporaries, the Alpha 7, also coined as the “green machine,” is designed for environmental sustainability as it has been proven to consume 40% less electricity. Contrary to the notion that high-performance systems need be huge in size, the ProSound Alpha 7 with its lightweight and ultra-compact built combined with a user-friendly design interface and multifunctional control panels redefine the importance of ergonomics and portability in today’s clinical settings.

The Alpha 7 ultrasound system is integrally featured with innovative technologies that are fundamental in ultrasonic imaging. These include Directional eFLOW (D-eFLOW) that demonstrates superior spatial and time resolutions in greater detail even with high-sensitivity images, as well as Broadband Harmonics that displays a more detailed imaging data and greater penetration in deeper internal areas.

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