Aloka Alpha ProSound 5SX Ultrasound Machine

Aloka Alpha ProSound 5SX Ultrasound Machine

ALOKA Alpha ProSound 5SX model has a proven track record for ultrasound system reliability and quality backed by five decades of diagnostic imaging experience. This ultrasound system is considered as the ProSound series’ workhorse digital diagnostic imaging equipment engineered for demanding clinical applications in the operating room.

Alpha ProSound 5SX is integrally featured with microspatial compounding for a more densely rich image, pixel-focus for sharp detail in both near and far fields, and Integrated Data Management System (iDMS) for seamless image storage, retrieval, and networking solutions. It is also compatible to work with a wide range of Hemispheric Sound Technology and surgical specialty transducers.

With its inherent advanced microcircuit technology, Aloka ProSound 5SX is capable of creating high-density digital front-end that generates sharper, more detailed, and high-resolution ultrasound images for a more accurate and efficient examinations. Some of its distinctive features include 12 Bit Digital Beamformer, Pure Sound Transmission, Pixel Focus, Quint Frequency Imaging, and Dual Dynamic Display that are responsible for delivering unsurpassed image quality.

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