Aloka Alpha ProSound 10 Ultrasound Machine

Aloka Alpha ProSound 10 Ultrasound Machine

ALOKA Alpha ProSound 10 model is engineered for full versatility and excellent image quality, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications among large-scale clinical facilities and hospital imaging departments. As the ProSound Series flagship model, the ALOKA Alpha 10 ultrasound system, it combines the cutting-edge capability of 12 Bit A/D digital beam converter, ultra-powered image processing channels, as well as advanced probe technology and beam control to produce high-resolution images and ensure highly accurate diagnosis for increased patient satisfaction.

Characterized by its ergonomic panel design and sophisticated user interface, Alpha ProSound 10 is also equipped with Extended Pure Harmonic Detection platform that integrates state-of-the-art acoustic technology that radically enhances the clarity of the ultrasound beam formation and signal processing.

With its built-in Ultimate Compounding Technologies, Hemispheric Sound Technology, and probes complete with Compound Pulse Wave Generator, the diagnostic imaging result is a superior spatial, contrast, and temporal resolution with minimized image degradation, allowing for faster and smoother operations in the least amount of time.

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