Acuson Sequoia C512 LCD Echocardiography System Ultrasound Machine

Acuson Sequoia C512 LCD Echocardiography System Ultrasound Machine

ACUSON Sequoia C512 LCD Echocardiogram System is uniquely designed as a comprehensive ultrasound machine for consistent imaging quality to patients’ dynamic acoustic properties.

The ACUSON Sequoia C512 LCD model is a phased array-based system integrally featured with image processing advances, namely: Native Tissue Echo Quantification (TEQ), Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), syngo fourSight TEE view program, Axis quantitative strain rate imaging mechanism, Cadence contrast pulse sequencing (Cadence CPS), Hanafy Lens transducer, and Color Doppler imaging technology, among many others. With these technologically advanced specs, the Sequoia C512 LCD Echocardiogram System guarantees greater image content, enhanced detail, exceptional contrast resolution and penetration, and outstanding color imaging Doppler sensitivity and depth.

ACUSON’s Sequoia C512 gold standard echocardiography model also boasts of upgradeability and longevity, making it the most ideal imaging device for a vast array of ultrasound specialties and clinical applications. Ultra Solutions offers brand new and refurbished versions of Sequoia systems, such as the C512 LCD echocardiography system, at a reasonable price range with up to 70% off OEM new price.

Aux, Calc Data to MO, Cardiac Calculations, Color Doppler, Coronary Flow Reserve, CPS - Cardiology, CPS - General Imaging, CW Doppler, DICOM Bulk Storage, DICOM: Print, DICOM: Worklist, DTI, ECG/EKG/Physio Hardware, Extended Trigger, Flat Panel Monitor, G Comes with a Standard 30 Day Warranty. Please include name, facility/business, and phone number with reply. Additional pictures, compatible transducers, and options available upon request to further guarantee the quality of the system. Thanks for viewing our listing!

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