Acuson SC2000 Cardiovascular System Ultrasound Machine

Acuson SC2000 Cardiovascular System Ultrasound Machine

ACUSON SC2000 cardiovascular ultrasound system is a specialized cardiovascular imaging platform that combines ultra-high data rate 2D and full-volume echo engine with a host of innovative applications to bring in a new dimension of echocardiography to today’s medical arena.

The ACUSON SC2000 model offers an exceptional architecture program that delivers 16x the processing power of the finest 2D or 3D ultrasound systems. With its IN Focus technology, this ultrasound machine is capable of automatically producing a full field of focused view at all depths without the need to shift the focal zone yet still maintains image quality and uniformity – thus, defining the standards in coherent detail resolution in ultrasound imaging. ACUSON SC2000 cardiovascular ultrasound is also intuitively designed with TEQ and Dynamic Native TEQ technology for high-efficiency image optimization and consistent image quality.

ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound system is also fully featured with Clarify Vascular Enhancement Technology and suite of eSie workflow protocols to improve clinical workflow and patient diagnostic confidence. All these original features and specifications are present in Ultra Solutions’ refurbished ultrasound systems, complete with the same quality and functionality plus up to 70% off its OEM new price. We also offer brand new ACUSON SC2000 and other models.

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