Acuson Cypress Cardiovascular System Ultrasound Machine

Acuson Cypress Cardiovascular System Ultrasound Machine

ACUSON Cypress Cardiovascular System is the echocardiography specialist model in the ACUSON family of cutting-edge ultrasound systems with a readily available option of upgrading to Cardiovascular System PLUS version to enhance its capabilities. The ACUSON Cypress model offers a comprehensive echocardiography and vascular system that features a vast array of imaging modalities, such as harmonic mode, high-frame rate color flow mapping, Doppler velocity, stress echo, digital image management, and built-in DICOM connectivity.

This advanced imaging device boasts of ergonomic design and optimum cardiovascular diagnostic performance in one durable, digital, portable, hand-carried unit – making it the ideal imaging technology for hectic clinical environments, including private practices, echo lab, patients ward, emergency room, operating suite, intensive care unit, and electrophysiology lab.

Advanced Triggering, Cardiac Calculations, CD Read Write, Color Doppler, CW Doppler, ECG/EKG/Physio Hardware, Networking, OB/Gyn Calculations, PW Doppler, Stress Echo, Tissue Harmonics Imaging (THI/NTHI), Vascular Calculations Comes with a Standard 30 Day Warranty. Please include name, facility/business, and phone number with reply. Additional pictures, compatible transducers, and options available upon request to further guarantee the quality of the system. Thanks for viewing our listing!


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